[Example Sentences]:
1. Far worse, if you had put the money in Walmart shares, your investment would be worth only $2,250.
2. The problem is way worse in Asia than any other place in the world.
3. For better or worse we have to figure out how to live in a future with them.
4. The way the police handled this kept it from being an even worse tragedy.
5. It makes it even worse to see all of those dollars destroyed like that.
6. It was so sad to see it get a little worse every year.
7. The only thing that might be worse than leaving your favorite apps behind?
8. This can be even worse, especially if you have a Facebook or Twitter addiction.
9. We do far worse when it comes to internet speeds and affordability.
10. As a result, the world is worse for all of us.
11. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.
12. This could have been much worse had we not had the actions of the two individuals who interceded.
13. People are saying there will be a revenge day that will be even worse than this week.
14. The younger generation is expected to do worse than their parents.
15. That last one is even worse than it sounds.

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