[Example Sentences]:
1. The case received wide attention in the Chinese news media in 2012.
2. It has retained wide legal and economic powers since being handed back to China in 1997.
3. World wide they are nearing 6%.
4. It will be available for wide release in June 2017 for $250 £204 or AU$345.
5. The cases are available for a wide range of mobile phones.
6. There also was a wide range in costs within each region.
7. The services are used for point to point wide area networking products between business sites.
8. If your world is wide, you can create the future we all want.
9. It is now a new election where everything is wide open.
10. So it was probably less able to infect people over wide regions.
11. Enterprises need to make sure their eyes are wide open as they move to the technology.
12. The company makes memory products for use in a wide variety of consumer and enterprise devices.
13. Just how much market value is at stake in mobile payments is wide open for debate.
14. It has a responsibility to represent its wide range of readers and staffers.
15. The bonds with the United States run wide and deep.


[Synonyms]broad, spacious, vast
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