[Example Sentences]:
1. He has been wearing a computer on his face for more than a decade.
2. Police said one of the two young women on the train was wearing a hijab.
3. Smith said at least one of the officers was also wearing a body camera.
4. He said the man was wearing a mask covering the lower half of his face.
5. The boy was no longer wearing a shirt when he was found.
6. Her attorney will argue that she was only wearing the device and not using it when she was stopped.
7. He was living with his parents and wearing an electronic tag.
8. He claimed he was driving the speed limit and wearing a seat belt.
9. Neighbors of the couple said the children could sometimes be seen outside wearing only a diaper.
10. One of the officers wearing a body camera captured something that seemed too horrific to be real.
11. It is hard to speculate what the motive was for wearing the belts.
12. That battle has in recent months shifted to wearing a helmet while skateboarding.
13. You are blind to the real world, especially if you re wearing a VR headset.
14. That means they would not be able to pass through the tubes and reach the person wearing the suit.
15. A nearby shop owner told NBC News that the attackers were wearing Iraqi security service uniforms.
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