[Example Sentences]:
1. Residents have also been wary of the traffic problems it would bring to the area.
2. I would have been a little more wary about using it if I had known that was a feature.
3. How can one be both confident and wary at the same time?
4. There are several reasons why it has grown wary of that approach.
5. Iranian leaders continue to cast the United States as an enemy to be wary of in negotiations.
6. He recently has shifted to reassure wary allies that he remains committed to the pact.
7. A lack of internal rivals suggests a man wary of even his own natural allies.
8. Without that, some smartphone buyers might be wary of picking up the device.
9. Be wary of any message that pushes you to download something in order to view a video.
10. Some medical authorities have been wary, partly because it can cause injuries.
11. If you re new to VR and a little wary of it, I recommend giving this one a try.
12. Experts say Putin is wary of Ukraine becoming too successful and independent.
13. At its current stock price, investors may want to be a bit wary, however.
14. Banks are still extremely wary of not being paid back.
15. Just be wary and keep this in mind.

[Antonyms]unsuspecting, unwary, incautious

[Synonyms]circumspect, watchful, cautious
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