[Example Sentences]:
1. It paid the wholesale price for some books, but started selling them below cost at $9.99.
2. The wholesale price of the computer was $500.
3. The difference with those two cases is that a wholesale product is offered.
4. Few large SAP customers are considering a wholesale move to the cloud.
5. The pilot is open to retailers who have signed a wholesale broadband agreement.
6. The company is a wholesale partner of the Optus network.
7. It was the fifth consecutive year that the market posted slight gains in wholesale value.
8. Labour also vows to change the way wholesale power is traded.
9. The company also offers wholesale pricing for equipment.
10. The prevalent wholesale model generally gave retailers the flexibility to fix the prices.
11. This is the incubator for fraud, and it has to be wholesale addressed.
12. Experts also say the wholesale use of antibiotics in farm animals has to stop.
13. Apple was indifferent if other retailers sold books on a wholesale or agency model, he said.
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