[Example Sentences]:
1. Analysts have given up on Apple this year and instead are looking to 2017.
2. Police had previously given the number of injured as around 40.
3. Police had previously given the total number of injured as around 40.
4. The apps are being given away through December 26.
5. He was given one year of probation and fined nearly $3,000.
6. Olmert also was given a suspended sentence of an additional eight months and fined $25,000.
7. Sound recordings were first given federal copyright protection in 1972.
8. In 2007, the University of Chicago Library was given a copy of the book dating to 1504.
9. The same extension has been given companies running IE11 on Windows 7.
10. Businesses with less than 20 staff were given an extra year, until June 30 2016.
11. Simpson was given three years probation and a $600 fine, and the case was closed in September 2011.
12. Bill Gates has given away $4.6bn £3.6bn to charity in his largest donation since 2000.
13. The previous highest salary was $851,000, given by Ohio State University in 2013.
14. We have a lot of data about our customers that they have given to us.
15. The problem is that not only devices given by ISPs to customers are affected. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home