[Example Sentences]:
1. It was the same downtown building where they had applied for a green card in 1975.
2. The red post boxes were painted green after the city was handed over to China in 1997.
3. Recently, NASA just got the green light to develop the next generation rover, called Mars 2020.
4. The green bond market has shot up exceeding $40 billion globally in 2015.
5. That way the car can hit the right speed to hit all the green lights.
6. The tablet mounted in the car also showed a green light.
7. The food that came out of the ground green is called vegetables.
8. Turkey will get the green light over visas this week to keep it sweet.
9. They do provide a number of green attributes to their creators/users.
10. What are these companies doing to support green energy initiatives locally?
11. This green gave the state of Colorado a lot of that other green tax dollars.
12. There are also questions about how she qualified for a green card.
13. Investors typically are more interested in getting their green cards than making a profit.
14. With only a green card, he was still waiting for citizenship.
15. Microsoft has been steadily investing in clean energy and green data center projects.

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