[Example Sentences]:
1. They are young black men, likely in their teens or in their early 20s.
2. Most small mammals die relatively young, but some bats can live over the age of 40.
3. They were young, no older than 35.
4. Buyers would be young professionals and families, with an average household income of $133,600.
5. The skeleton is of a young man between the ages of 17 and 20.
6. These are the young guns, terrorists aged between 18 to 30.
7. It's a message he'd deliver to young audiences well into his 90s.
8. What seems clear is that he was a young man adrift.
9. They are still young and they need to get the advice of their father.
10. That could be because young people tend to have a larger number of small transactions.
11. Police said one of the two young women on the train was wearing a hijab.
12. They said the car struck a young man so hard that he flew into the air.
13. She rarely asks the young people where they have come from or what they have experienced.


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