[Example Sentences]:
1. The service also offers premium subscriptions without ads for a monthly fee of $9.99.
2. The base price for a new iPhone without a contract is $650.
3. Consumers want to be able to pay without being identified.8.
4. The NSA was allowed to collect this information without a warrant thanks to a US law passed in 2008.
5. SpaceX wants to use the Falcon Heavy to send a Dragon capsule without people to Mars in 2020.
6. Teachers have been without a contract since June 2015.
7. He lobbied to release those conclusions publicly, without success, and resigned in February 2012.
8. He died without a will in 1953 at age 64.
9. If funds are tight you can go without the center or subwoofer and save $150.
10. These make working with office apps much easier than it can be without them.
11. He said the city has been without power or water since Friday night.
12. You want to be able to open your enterprises without having to pay a bribe.


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