[Example Sentences]:
1. She indicated that she would like to hold the damages trial within the first few months of 2014.
2. The confusion within the administration was no more evident than on June 9.
3. That got the Irish within 54-48.
4. The agency says drones have come within 200 feet of other aircraft more than 150 times since 2013.
5. Yet at least 15 inmates were dead within just a month of arrival in 1985, and 22 in 1986.
6. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to 19,920 after climbing yesterday within 14 points of 20,000.
7. The order instructs him to submit a preliminary review within 45 days and a final one within 120.
8. She still says investors should sell within the first few days of trading.
9. Here are the five that we think will bring big changes within the next decade.
10. There can be multiple ways to do a task within an applications or between applications.
11. A video component of each play is available in a small screen within the program.
12. Many of our users see our videos from within social media apps on their phones.
13. The other way to move a file is from within an app itself.
14. He said he expected a response from the agency within the next fortnight.
15. It will be difficult for someone within the party to come out against him right now.


[Synonyms]inside, inwardly, internally
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