[Example Sentences]:
1. The company has been making large investments in wind power for its data centers since 2010.
2. The wind was calm but the humidity in the air was at 100%.
3. In some areas the wind chill is reaching minus 50.
4. BP put $3.1 billion of wind assets for sale last year after withdrawing from solar in 2011.
5. Testing that 18-wheeler in a physical wind tunnel could cost as much $100,000.
6. Hundreds braved the cold and the wind to stand in queues, which started forming as early as 04:30.
7. It also has a wind installation in Australia and another under construction.
8. The wind and water hit us but our infrastructure was able to withstand that hit.
9. You stick your finger up in the air and see which way the wind is blowing.
10. The lesson is that it is not just wind that makes a storm dangerous.
11. They were forced to fly with help from the wind and other air patterns.
12. So much for the claims also here and here that wind and solar technologies are already competitive.
13. You have a flight plan, but the wind ends up being different than you thought.
14. One product is a wireless control system for wind turbines.
15. There are rooms that are not exposed to wind or glass.

[Antonyms]straighten, unravel, untwist

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