[Example Sentences]:
1. It would harm the willingness of a lot of people to work with us.
2. His willingness to work with the federal government marked him out as less militant than his father.
3. It was not their willingness that was the problem, but their broad ability to pay.
4. Investors have shown a willingness to back other tech companies with a history of losses.
5. They demonstrate a willingness to work with Tesla to get the job done, he said.
6. At the state level, there is more willingness to raise state taxes for bridges.
7. It simply requires a willingness to target the frequency and pay the power cost.
8. The only requirement was a passion for the topic and a willingness to practice.
9. My client has a real willingness to deal and take responsibility about this case, he said.
10. The point is demonstrating a willingness to go to any length to get results.
11. LinkedIn has shown a willingness in the past to comply with foreign regulations.
12. It is hugely important in moving forward to show a willingness to be bold.
13. Trump has expressed a willingness to ease his stance on immigration before.
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