[Example Sentences]:
1. It has 16 members, a number of whom are lawyers and engineers in their mid-50s.
2. The company also does not store information on those with whom its users are communicating.
3. We have a son to whom I would want to leave an inheritance.
4. One of the biggest risks in business is in finding out whom you can trust.
5. We have experts whom we have had with us for years.
6. It has brought damage to a lot of people, some of whom are among us.
7. The controversy over who copies whom has been long and tortured.
8. You must click it and then decide whom you want to inform about your political choice.
9. The attendees were a mix of those whom one might expect and those one might not.
10. That means Facebook knows whom WhatsApp users contact and their phone numbers.
11. We have invited those countries and institutions with whom we have normal diplomatic relations.
12. When a reporter asked the men whom they had voted for, they became less chatty.
13. Police have moved the girl, whom they describe as to a home outside the neighborhood.
14. Apple can be looked at as a partner to the copyright holders many whom are cable companies.
15. On whom will this have an impact is another question.
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