[Example Sentences]:
1. The most recent part to fail is known as reaction wheel 4.
2. In the case of this wheel, it can no longer turn left or right.
3. You get comfortable and think you can take your hands off the wheel but you really can’t.
4. In the other two, the person required to be behind the wheel was in control.
5. It has been a real honor to follow in their historical wheel tracks.
6. He said he never let go of the steering wheel because he felt responsible for his friends.
7. Google later said it would modify the prototype and add a steering wheel and brakes.
8. Few phones allow you to do so much without removing your hands from the wheel to touch the screen.
9. A new color wheel makes it easier to find and blend the perfect colors.
10. I particularly found the command wheel around the lens a joy to use.
11. They allow the phone to stay in our hands, while taking the steering wheel completely away.
12. Using a color wheel is easy, once you get the hang of it.
13. More than one person had been asleep at the wheel long before Bennett arrived.
14. They put it up on a lift and a mechanic checked the wheel wells.
15. No hands on the steering wheel, no feet on the pedals.
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