[Example Sentences]:
1. The whale likely died of natural causes and was discovered Sunday on the beach.
2. The baby killer whale is likely about seven or eight days old now.
3. I bet you ll have a whale of a time.
4. The maximum size of a whale shark has also been exaggerated.
5. Several clues led the researchers to conclude they had found fossil whale poo.
6. We know so little about the ecology of whale sharks in the wild.
7. Sometimes a ship will hit a whale, but we only learn about it from the scars on them the whales.
8. Humans may even prove helpful to whale sharks as they learn more about these gentle giants.
9. The blue whale is an iconic exhibit whose popularity has endured for decades.
10. The whale sharks looked at you and scared you.
11. How does a whale, even a small whale, make a living in a desert?
12. The whale shark is the largest living fish.
13. Known as the gentle giants of the shark family, whale sharks are the largest fish alive today.
14. As whale health declines, so too does their ability to reproduce, the scientists report.
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