[Example Sentences]:
1. Vizio began snooping on your TV watching in 2014.
2. The SDO has been continuously watching the sun since 2009.
3. This is probably the best screen I own for watching movies.
4. They want to show they are not just standing still and watching this happening.
5. The people watching can influence the people on the video and also talk to one another.
6. We on the Chinese side are watching the situation very closely.
7. You can also see what videos other people are watching and jump in.
8. He later told Israeli media he was only watching when police jumped him.
9. I was in my house watching a movie and everything started to shake.
10. That said, the idea of having a single unit for all your video watching needs is attractive.
11. We will be watching this development closely as the process moves forward.
12. They will try to create something around watching websites and being in contact with certain people.
13. Other countries are also aware of this and are watching the US election process very closely.
14. Investors will be watching to see if it can continue that momentum in a slowing economy.
15. The car was in fact a surveillance vehicle watching members of the drug organization.

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