[Example Sentences]:
1. He was one of the few foreign policy experts to warn against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
2. Officials have confirmed four deaths here and warn that the number is likely to rise.
3. Some Afghan officials warn that the government must proceed with caution.
4. They warn he could do something like that again.
5. Our online tool will warn you if you are too close and might want a smaller screen instead.
6. Google and Microsoft will either block or warn users if malware is detected on a website.
7. Even companies that make money doing this sort of work warn that it comes with civil rights risks.
8. Android will warn users when downloading applications from unknown sources.
9. They warn that patients will suffer as waiting lists for treatment will get longer.
10. Experts warn it probably will not be so simple.
11. They planned to set up a single emergency number to warn of impending disturbances.
12. Analysts warn that profits from the venture could be as elusive as its namesake.
13. Experts warn that if he cannot deliver in the next year or two he could also face a mass revolt.
14. Others warn that the quality of the information on crowdsourced sites is only as good as the crowds.
15. Despite some signs of hope in Liberia, many officials warn that the fight cannot be let up.

[Antonyms]encourage, embolden, inspirit

[Synonyms]notify, admonish, caution
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