[Example Sentences]:
1. They would walk to school together and discuss their plans for the day.
2. Before I walk through it I should tell you that this is expected behavior.
3. Some doctors thought he might never again walk on his own.
4. The tool could be used for more than a walk down memory lane.
5. Now consumers will either adopt the product or walk away from the product.
6. That means most will walk out of prison with years of freedom ahead.
7. He said his staff has begun to do things I think we can probably walk away from.
8. It took him until midnight to get home, and he had to walk the last five miles.
9. As long as the person can walk, we will take them.
10. Those who prefer a more social activity can walk the local mall with a friend.
11. The opening screen has settings and help icons that walk you through the process.
12. A robot that can walk around your house and open doors and go upstairs?
13. People who are visiting walk up to it and want to touch it.
14. For people to walk away from that is a pretty amazing thing, he said.
15. They say if change is to come, senior company leaders will have to walk the diversity walk.

[Antonyms]halt, stop, ride

[Synonyms]behave, pursue, perambulate
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