[Example Sentences]:
1. Some have not had a visitor in more than a decade.
2. Can ride a Google bike around the outside of the campus if wanted though, the visitor wrote.
3. Think administrative console or a visitor counter for the bottom of a Web page.
4. They cannot see if a visitor went into an office and opened a file cabinet that contained sensitive information.
5. Still, the program is able to tell one visitor from another, which could make people nervous.
6. The visitor still has to punch a button on the desk, and type in information on a touch panel screen.
7. In online publishing everything that a visitor does can be tracked, which is often lauded as great for publishers and advertisers.
8. At least one recent visitor was impressed.
9. Once a foreign visitor is formally denied entry, they have to receive special permission from the government to try to come back.
10. If a visitor comes across a malicious ad, it can cause their browser to redirect to another site that attacks their computer.


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