[Example Sentences]:
1. It is the first visit to the South American country by a US president since 2005.
2. She had heard about the school during a visit to the city in 2015.
3. He was released after that visit on March 10.
4. This is the first visit by a sitting president to the facility, which opened in 2011.
5. The space agency is aiming to have astronauts visit an asteroid by 2025.
6. Police also paid a brief visit to the house in 2004.
7. Zarif on Tuesday became the first Iranian foreign minister to visit Australia since 2002.
8. Reuters broke the news of his impending visit on May 6.
9. Medvedev became the first Russian leader to visit Silicon Valley in June 2010.
10. We want people from all over the world to be able to visit these places.
11. When looking for a job try to visit the company and see what does it feel like?
12. Now it will apply to sites and apps you visit on all of your devices.
13. Search for a city or other European location you plan to visit on your trip.
14. It is the first state visit by an Iranian president to Europe in nearly two decades.
15. He would not even allow her to visit her parents.

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