[Example Sentences]:
1. This viewer gave her a 10.
2. The competition in the VR viewer marketplace has been growing in recent months.
3. It is not just creating content but introducing it to you as a viewer, wherever you go.
4. This will leave you with a blank message viewer window with no additional messages selected.
5. That depends on what kind of TV viewer you are.
6. The new plastic viewer will include computer chips and sensors, these people said.
7. But when the viewer is reminded that her father is Donald Trump, the emotional response plummets.
8. It gives the viewer a window onto the elusive outer atmosphere of the Sun the corona.
9. In particular, Apple wanted to freeze for several years the monthly rate per viewer it would pay to license Disney channels.
10. Netflix also plans to start displaying a match rating that will predict how likely a viewer is to enjoy a particular title.
11. Now, that marketing focus has extended beyond the television set as brands ramp up viewer engagement with tweets and other social campaigns. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home