[Definition]: a seller

[Example Sentences]:
1. We had to find a vendor that would work with us.
2. The catch is that the market may take time for an established technology vendor to crack.
3. A further one in six are out of vendor support.
4. We are not necessarily going to accept what a vendor says they will and will not support.
5. This is what drives us, as it should any other vendor in this area.
6. We will be putting it on many vendor devices, and it is going to be very disruptive.
7. Every major vendor will need to have a solution in this space.
8. Check with the vendor about any reports of driver or software issues with the product.
9. Every vendor and researcher wants to find the next big thing and be recognized for that discovery.
10. The more vendor support an operating system has, the better its chances of appealing to customers.
11. IoT makes it impossible for a single vendor to provide everything.
12. In others, the device vendor may not necessarily have ever made a patch available.
13. The vendor claims this has been fixed in the current version, but it did not work for me.
14. Also, look for some kind of cooperation and assistance from the vendor in getting your data out.
15. He expects to enter negotiations with a preferred vendor for the platform by the start of next year. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home