[Example Sentences]:
1. He would let me have the run of the property eventually when he trusted me.
2. Every day people come to Google News for a trusted view of the world.
3. We want to become the trusted place where people know that whatever they order will be the best.
4. Microsoft can also keep a list of trusted devices designated by the user.
5. Both of these apps are widely used and trusted by leading security researchers.
6. He said then that the voters could be trusted to decide sensitive questions of public policy.
7. Only a trusted user on a trusted device using a trusted app should have access to enterprise data.
8. Chen said the company trusted the advice it received in the conversations.
9. It can also recognize faces and remain unlocked when it sees a trusted face.
10. When I came to Ukraine I trusted the government.
11. Just pick what data you want retrieved and have Google send it to trusted contacts.
12. She trusted him most, always telling me nice things about him.
13. A hacker poses as a trusted source and sends you a malicious link.
14. Using trusted domains from legitimate services can help extend the life of a malicious link.
15. The verification code is sent to a trusted device by the system, according to reports. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home