[Example Sentences]:
1. The tree will be unveiled on November 18.
2. One New York man drove into a tree while playing the game.
3. A great tree has fallen, he is now going home to rest with his forefathers.
4. The tree had long been a gathering place on campus.
5. Other members of the Kim family tree are rarely if ever mentioned.
6. The two birds sit on tree branches near the top of the enclosure.
7. The women had escaped the car and hung on to a tree branch.
8. I just went through the decision tree myself.
9. He says that America is lit up like a Christmas tree along the East and West coasts.
10. Cook tried to speed away, but hit a tree and jumped from the truck on foot.
11. If it gets too warm the tree needs to freeze again overnight to start the whole process over.
12. They pulled over and parked under a tree, hoping for a break in the weather.
13. One drew designs in the air with smoke from burning tree resin.
14. Simpson said teachers would like for the tree to be saved as well.
15. Authorities say the truck had tree branches caught in it, with fire and smoke coming from below. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home