[Example Sentences]:
1. The cheapest train ticket available costs only $13.
2. We had to train our own developers to work on our cloud.
3. There were a lot of sales and price signals with which to train the models.
4. He saw the train coming and had to leave his truck to get help.
5. If the train had been a day earlier, it would have come through.
6. The military also will build facilities that can be used to train local healthcare workers.
7. Police said one of the two young women on the train was wearing a hijab.
8. I go in and train people to understand that in many cases these events are interrelated.
9. One of the two tracks on the train line was closed after the accident.
10. Instagram video showed a train going right through the smoke as the fire raged.
11. I then saw the train move by without its lights on.
12. We were the last train through the station before the blast.
13. The studio also can be used to build and train new analysis models.
14. Apple also plans to put money into programs that will train the next generation of app developers.
15. If the enterprise does not train those people to understand that, they might give that data out.

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