[Example Sentences]:
1. HD touchscreen, while the Galaxy S 4 mini has a 4.3-in.
2. One of the great things about touchscreen devices is the touchscreen.
3. What consumers see is a large digital image with a touchscreen area showing the products for sale.
4. Who says a touchscreen laptop has to be a tablet as well?
5. They are also for drivers of cars that have touchscreen control panels.
6. It can also lay completely flat so you can use the touchscreen from a standing position.
7. The biggest impact it has is on touchscreen performance.
8. Or, future Macs could evolve a touchscreen layer to allow for iOS apps.
9. When I do use the touchscreen, the experience can feel clunky at times.
10. Players tap and hold the touchscreen to grab a fish, then swipe right to toss.
11. The interference from bad power supplies is known to cause the touchscreen to behave erratically.
12. The touchscreen has decided to become unresponsive at least once a day since I bought it.
13. If it detects a touchscreen as the primary input, boot to the Start screen.
14. Applications launched relatively quickly and the touchscreen was quite responsive.
15. A touchscreen would could have been a nice bonus, too. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home