[Example Sentences]:
1. The tomb was uncovered in a salvage excavation in 2008.
2. The tomb that it was found in is a complex place.
3. This particular tomb was not in an area they took over.
4. The tomb was then abandoned by archaeologists until the recent attempt to reveal its secrets.
5. If we find several objects, or a tomb, perhaps we can find the story behind the sword.
6. Whenever Xi goes to visit the family tomb, he is very low-key.
7. In one tomb, archaeologists discovered an offering table made of tin-bronze.
8. When the team removed the sealed slab blocking the tomb, they saw two large platforms.
9. For the past decade, he said, finding the tomb has been his personal holy grail.
10. Radar scans performed on the tomb last year suggest that a void could exist behind the wall. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home