[Example Sentences]:
1. No timeline was announced for when the new devices will become available.
2. The company does not yet have a firm timeline for when it will launch.
3. The problems have set back the timeline for full delivery of the platform.
4. He did not give a timeline when it may launch.
5. There was no launch timeline announced for other platforms, including Android or Windows phone.
6. Twitter revealed changes to the timeline in a tweet on Thursday night.
7. The changes are designed to help users get more value from their Twitter timeline, Costolo said.
8. However, the company never laid out a timeline for when the system would become operational.
9. They have not finalized a proposal or even settled on a timeline for pursuing it.
10. The company has published no timeline on when users can expect their requests to be dealt with.
11. Phase two will start soon after, though there is no timeline for completion.
12. The exact timeline and destinations are being kept confidential to respect their privacy.
13. Sprint did not specify a timeline, only that shipping was delayed.
14. To preview your movie, scroll back to the beginning of the timeline and press the play button.
15. We have to first get our timeline and then the feasibility study and a public relations plan.
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