[Example Sentences]:
1. If funds are tight you can go without the center or subwoofer and save $150.
2. It features a new design and the company claims it provides high performance and tight security.
3. It could help you out when you re in a tight spot.
4. This is especially true if money is tight and your phone is less than three years old.
5. Security was tight Tuesday morning around the training center and hospitals.
6. The video industry has tight control over its content.
7. Security was tight for the court appearance, which began in Brussels in Monday morning.
8. The performance was also boosted by price increases in every region and tight management of costs.
9. They stopped because they spent too much time looking for it and had to stick to tight schedules.
10. When it comes to your photos, that tight fit is great.
11. The election is being held amid tight security provided by hundreds of thousands troops and police.
12. The battle between Xbox and PlayStation today is a tight one.
13. There is also a tight race for third place.
14. Like other hardware companies, Apple has tried to keep tight control over repairs for its products.
15. The game did not remain tight for long.

[Antonyms]loose, slack
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