[Example Sentences]:
1. A new Surface tablet today offers 64GB of flash storage, is 0.35 inches thick 8.9mm and costs $549.
2. The fact that the Surface Pro is relatively thick for a tablet put me off at first.
3. We are really in the thick of it now.
4. Those errors would be much harder to discover if hidden under thick layers of data.
5. The air was thick with tear gas and people were vomiting.
6. They travel through thick space, and a large wake travels behind them.
7. There is a thick leather bottom so you can set the bag down and know it will withstand the usage.
8. The Professional series is inspired by the hard lines and thick handles found on commercial ranges.
9. Instant thick smoke that you can direct to your drink of choice.
10. Associated Press journalists saw thick black smoke rise over Kobani during the attack.
11. The watch is pretty big and thick, and probably is mostly screen, battery and radios.
12. The air is pretty thick with the stench of death as people try to recover bodies and belongings.
13. There was the huge fireball in the sky with thick clouds.
14. It sent a pall of thick black smoke above the nearby government headquarters and the seafront.
15. Eventually, the ice was too thick for the magnetic field to penetrate.

[Antonyms]thin, slim

[Synonyms]dense, close, compact © 2020  Terms of Use | Home