[Example Sentences]:
1. A lot of these people are longtime app developers who have stuck with Apple even since 1997.
2. I hope that some of these will be fixed in 2014.
3. Each one of these on the black market is worth around $10.
4. Some of these settlements were already known and date back to 2004.
5. Microsoft confirmed that they are on target to provide fixes for these issues in February 2015.
6. Microsoft is aiming to fix these problems with Windows 10.
7. The bank passed these observations and a test report onto the NBN Co team in October 2013.
8. SpaceX wants to start launching these satellites in 2019.
9. Once implemented, these will lead to real savings in 2014.
10. Add these in and the ratio jumps to 500-to-1.
11. The goal is to have these capabilities to market by the end of Q2 2017.

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