[Example Sentences]:
1. This is a theme we see in the market and we see from customers.
2. He organized the first conference on the theme in Russia last year.
3. The theme of the event was focused on the future of media and technology.
4. The theme of your book seems to be you making trouble.
5. This was a very clear theme for the weekend.
6. The pattern of slowing growth in social media stocks is a familiar theme this week.
7. Scott explains that data collection and analysis is a key theme at present.
8. Economic opportunity is the theme of another set of efforts aimed at closing the digital divide.
9. The big theme is having faith in an idea.
10. Mr Trump made cleaning up corruption in Washington a key theme of his campaign.
11. At least the classic theme song makes an appearance.
12. Each request takes the form of a brief contest, with a theme and a basic set of guidelines.
13. So the theme of graphics turned out to be a hallmark of the building.
14. Taking a step back, the big theme from Intuit this year is open platforms and partnerships.
15. The rising trend is this theme of unlimited vacation. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home