[Definition]: person who produce terror to achieve a political goal

[Example Sentences]:
1. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization since October 2004.
2. Airport officials point out that no case involved a known terrorist plot.
3. You want to be able to operate a business without the fear of a terrorist attack.
4. The Paris terrorist attacks could make consumers and businesses more cautious.
5. We want to find terrorist content immediately, before people in our community have seen it.
6. In all countries of the world, when the state faces a terrorist attack people come together.
7. The source added that she had no connection to any terrorist groups.
8. One of the victims said the attacker called him a terrorist as he kicked him.
9. Police said the four people were being held on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts.
10. Brussels remains a city on edge as some of those involved in the terrorist attacks remain at large.
11. We are facing a particularly high terrorist threat in our country right now.
12. They have no connection with Islamic State or another terrorist organization.
13. Turkey and the United States describe it as a terrorist group.
14. It was designated a terrorist group in December and thousands of its members have been put on trial.
15. He said in a statement that Pakistan must take serious measures to destroy terrorist sanctuaries.

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