[Example Sentences]:
1. The number that every other tech reporter will focus on today is the share for Windows 8.
2. ZDNet takes a look back at very best tech stories and features of 2014.
3. Other small high tech companies located there as early as the 1980s.
4. Several tech sites have now come up with a list of ways to extend battery life under iOS 7.
5. The tech industry hopes Obama agrees.3.
6. That began to change last year, when the number of tech companies downtown increased from 70 to 110.
7. The company, led by tech billionaire Elon Musk, has been making station deliveries since 2012.
8. The county accounted for 47 percent of Bay Area tech jobs in 2016.
9. For every $60 Hillary Clinton received from tech employees, Trump got $1.
10. So far this year, the tech sector has returned 19%, while health care has risen 16%.
11. Over two years, the tech sector has returned 43%, while health care has risen only 9%.
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