[Example Sentences]:
1. Each state, school or even teacher can determine how to help students reach those standards.
2. The school version will include special lesson plans and teacher management tools.
3. The attack ended when another teacher came upon the crime and screamed.
4. A teacher and several students ran to a clinic to find help for the wounded.
5. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.
6. In an email to the mother, the teacher detailed the punishment.
7. When the student refused to leave class, the teacher called in a vice principal.
8. She said neither the students nor teacher will be punished because there is no ill will.
9. Every teacher at the school except one refused to teach her.
10. Microsoft is also supplying schools with computers and teacher training on using IT in education.
11. He moved on, but he had already shot and killed a popular math teacher and wounded a student.
12. My teacher told me not to paint like this.
13. YouTube has no back and forth between teacher and student, except maybe in the comments section.
14. He said he was a math teacher, not a fighter.
15. A teacher and a student are still missing.

[Antonyms]pupil, student

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