[Example Sentences]:
1. Phoenix is a few inches lower than it was when this photo was taken in 2008.
2. There are no plans to end the annual pillow fight, which has taken place since at least 1897.
3. The images were taken on March 16.
4. This image of one of the crowded show floors was taken at MWC 2014.
5. Dell was taken private in 2013.
6. France has taken the toughest stance with Iran in negotiations stretching back to 2003.
7. An image of a twisting solar prominence eruption taken on March 30,2010.
8. About 400,000 reservations have been taken for the Model 3.
9. The three images were taken in June 2002, June 2008 and June 2014.
10. I think we have taken it one step further in the case of disruption.
11. She thought she was about to be taken away and killed.
12. I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man.
13. The company says he was taken to an area hospital but did not survive.
14. The remains were found in the area where that exchange would have taken place.
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