[Example Sentences]:
1. The motion to strip him of immunity is to be considered on April 6.
2. After all, who says a power strip must always be straight and rigid?
3. What is unclear thus far is whether any cell phones were found in this strip search.
4. We decided to strip all that out and get people to buy what they like when they see it.
5. A proposal to strip protections from public lands should be made public immediately.
6. The new cards will generally have a magnetic strip you can use at older payment terminals.
7. The chip technology essentially holds the same information the magnetic strip does on credit cards.
8. For now, the cards have both the familiar magnetic strip and the chip.
9. On leaving jail, the only job he can get is manager of a strip club.
10. Congress had voted on Tuesday to strip the president of his immunity from prosecution.
11. If that meant covering your walls with a strip of flowers, then so be it.
12. Moving among the modules is accomplished the same way with a strip of icons always displayed.
13. We try and strip back the app UI and focus on the recipes themselves and particularly the photos.
14. The executive order does not strip any monument of a designation.
15. They ordered him to strip to his underwear.

[Antonyms]embarrass, garnish, veil

[Synonyms]despoil, divest © 2020  Terms of Use | Home