[Example Sentences]:
1. That increase brought American and NATO troop strength to a peak in 2011 of about 140,000.
2. On further strength, the next test matches the 200-day moving average, currently 35.75.
3. On further strength, an inflection point rests at the 2014 peak of 4,815.
4. Apple also said its strength in China was surprising even to the company.
5. You have got to have the strength to say you have the vision, he said.
6. That approach has often been seen as a strength because it keeps distribution costs down.
7. Our job is to provide military options that give strength to foreign policy that he leads.
8. The app will even generate passwords and indicate the strength level of your password.
9. The latest planned show of strength follows a victory day a week ago.
10. Their strength is that they have a really good product.
11. We will find the strength to live with freedom.
12. Mr Mandela is a man of great strength, who is capable of the unexpected.
13. That has been very valuable and has contributed to the strength of the stock market, he said.
14. We have won and that gives us an enormous strength to push this project forward.
15. The fact that it made it to trial at all suggests both the strength and limits of star power.

[Antonyms]weakness, thinness, frailty

[Synonyms]robustness, toughness, hardness © 2020  Terms of Use | Home