[Definition]: a small river, brook

[Example Sentences]:
1. Sixteen years ago, the cost to stream a movie online would have been $270.
2. These days you can download music or stream it from an online service.
3. I needed the network to be up and running the next morning for a stream of meetings.
4. The latest Android Wear devices allow you to stream music from the phones to Bluetooth headsets.
5. One laptop will be able to stream to monitors on multiple desks.
6. How big is their revenue stream and how fast is it growing?
7. The music service charges a subscription fee to stream music and music videos without ads.
8. It could potentially be a revenue stream for the teams.
9. You can keep the stream private among certain Twitter followers or let it all hang out.
10. This has given Microsoft a steady revenue stream from one of its main rivals in the mobile world.
11. Each event will feature a developer stream and an IT business stream.
12. Users can also stream thousands of original playlists that are made by music experts.
13. If neither of these scenarios apply I would just stream it through the television.
14. It can also be used to stream to social media sites to share adventures with others.
15. If you want to check something out, you can stream videos or download your content.

[Antonyms]flicker, percolate

[Synonyms]flow, gush © 2020  Terms of Use | Home