[Definition]: a new small company or business

[Example Sentences]:
1. This startup was launched in private beta in February this year, and went live in September 2013.
2. San Francisco piloted its startup program in 2014.
3. This is a startup that did not have $100,000 in revenue in 2011.
4. The startup raised $30 million in funding in March 2016.
5. That makes it hard for some firms to find the right startup office aesthetic.
6. You might also have spent a lot of time in the startup circuit.
7. We have a startup of the week situation today and many new competitors.
8. The startup has also blocked users from accessing the app on high school campuses.
9. I then determine if I really need those files on my startup drive and deal with them accordingly.
10. The financial terms of the proposed acquisition of the New York startup were not disclosed.
11. Developers will return to SAP and continue trying to spread the startup way of life.
12. The startup could also score better deals on product manufacturing and worldwide advertising.
13. Along those lines, the startup plans to keep pushing its development of revenue worldwide.
14. All of a sudden you hear more about startup companies.
15. The first is to simply replace the current startup drive. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home