[Example Sentences]:
1. It was the strongest surge for consumer spending since the final three months of 2014.
2. In addition, 75 percent of businesses revealed increases in their external IT spending in 2013.
3. Medicare spending increased by 5.5 percent last year, the fastest rate of growth since 2009.
4. Average monthly spending by customers rose 1.7% to $106.98.
5. Construction spending has been rising since 2012.
6. The convenience might not be worth spending more for the $399 iPad Mini 3.
7. Poroshenko said Sunday that Ukraine would increase military spending by $3 billion by 2017.
8. Europe accounted for more than $30 billion in digital advertising spending in 2013.
9. At the end of testing, the company bought another two more cards, spending a total of US$60,000.
10. The company says total IT spending in 2018 will reach $3.56 trillion, a 2.9 percent gain over 2017.
11. It may be easier to talk yourself into spending $250 on a tablet than $300 or $500.
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