[Example Sentences]:
1. Obama is speaking at a news conference at the conclusion of a global nuclear security summit.
2. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.
3. Police said the father was no longer speaking to the media.
4. I decided to do some research before my next speaking date.
5. I would communicate with my smart home by speaking to my home computer.
6. Just the importance of using our voice all the time and speaking up for what we want.
7. The Russian leader walked away to his car without speaking to the media.
8. The few former inmates speaking out want a new investigation.
9. Now two leading tech executives are speaking out against the order.
10. Now those children are speaking out about their ordeal.
11. These colleagues have grown up in places where speaking up to six languages is normal.
12. We are speaking to the industry and will take enforcement action if necessary, the authority said.
13. She asked her relatives to leave the room, saying she was more comfortable speaking alone.
14. So I have been practicing my public speaking with the help of some apps.
15. So I immediately started talking about speaking up and moving fast.
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