[Definition]: a problem solving plan; a mixture of chemical compound and solvent

[Example Sentences]:
1. With scant savings, Americans say their solution will be to work long past age 65.
2. I believe we had been close to the solution for them to be freed.
3. He says they are currently working on a solution to make the site more secure.
4. I know I have a problem and I know the kind of solution I need.
5. There is a solution to this if there is a willingness.
6. We need Russia to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.
7. An effective access control solution can help you protect against ransomware.
8. We are working our fastest to find a solution that works.
9. The question again is whether a single solution works for everyone.
10. They say the choice is between their solution and a disaster.
11. If you want a political solution, you have to move the situation.
12. Here we are closer to a real solution to the problem of disruption.
13. If they are, make it known ahead of time that a solution has several names.
14. One solution is to always keep our cars connected with each other.
15. Every major vendor will need to have a solution in this space.

[Antonyms]union, amalgamation, conjunction

[Synonyms]disruption, separation, breach © 2020  Terms of Use | Home