[Example Sentences]:
1. Buying has been slow across much of the country after climbing in the first half of 2013.
2. However, that did not slow an overall decline in software sales, which were down 9%.
3. The Treasury Department last month forecast growth will slow to 2 percent by 2017.
4. Under the deal, the country will aim to slow inflation to below 10 percent by 2016.
5. It's known that there are a few functions in chips that slow down emulation the most, by about 80%.
6. The market has been going down for the past two days in slow volume.
7. It was a slow process that resulted in them often being found years after the fact.
8. It is only because the development of the economy has been very slow on the Korean side.
9. They also can slow down your PC with hidden processes that run in the background.
10. That makes a network more complex and can slow things down.
11. I would actually encourage him to slow down a little bit.
12. The economy is projected to slow down or go into recession.
13. Democrats say the economy is still too slow for any sort of cuts.
14. The bank was also slow to make changes in response to the investigation.
15. The former is considered a major reason for the slow growth in mobile device use on airplanes.


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