[Example Sentences]:
1. The other option is to keep the current drive and slip in another hard drive.
2. That suggests that home sales could slip again in coming months.
3. The company has even managed to anger people by trying to slip upgrades in under the radar.
4. After several weeks, she was able to slip out of a bathroom window at night and escape.
5. It was a small slip, but enough to reveal where they lived.
6. India could slip further from the growth trajectory that is so necessary for us to maintain.
7. The device is like a slip, to be worn under clothes.
8. At the front of that compartment is a slip pocket for documents or a few magazines.
9. Iran seems unlikely to abandon Assad and let Syria slip from its orbit.
10. The Typo keyboard is designed to slip onto an iPhone like a protective case.
11. Even at this late date, nobody would be surprised to see one or more of the inmates slip the noose.
12. We ve let it slip a little bit.
13. In fact, Easter will slip into April for the next eight years.
14. I had prayers on a slip of paper that I pressed into one of the cracks in the wall.
15. Once they do, they can easily slip from Hungarian asylum centers and head further west and north.

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