[Example Sentences]:
1. It will allow the state to slim 1972 voice radio sites to just 732.
2. The latest version has seen the document slim down to 36 pages from a previous 50.
3. In order to slim down the algorithms, the researchers used a few different techniques.
4. For one, the side buttons are a little slim and therefore harder to mash.
5. He says the GOP has a great shot at holding its slim Senate majority in the November election.
6. In its announcement, Samsung highlighted the metal and slim design of the phones.
7. Expect a slim version at some point during this generation.
8. Make sure the one you buy is sturdy, but also slim enough for your purposes.
9. Even the latest slim, updated versions always sold at a loss.
10. Despite the slim feature set, the cycle list is rather comprehensive.
11. Now, we have heard these complaints from Apple of slim programmer resources in the past.
12. We know the likelihood that our beloved ones have survived is slim, but it is not zero.
13. He could still have a chance with the California Supreme Court, albeit a very slim one.
14. The chances of picking all six numbers are slim though one in 292 million.
15. For devices that are slim, sleek and light.

[Antonyms]fat, thick, stout

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