[Example Sentences]:
1. I want her approval so I can get a shot that will make me sleep forever.
2. They both make it very clear that they never got sick during their sleep experiments.
3. Many of the drivers say they must sleep in their cars in between shifts.
4. In many cases, that was because my phone went to sleep before the save finished.
5. He said that with this move, people would sleep better again.
6. Experts add that sleep apps also collect lots of data that is not then interpreted.
7. Now I go to sleep thinking of what went right, she said.
8. For me, being able to eat and sleep is already a luxury.
9. It also said it is actively looking into tracking conditions like sleep apnea.
10. Now I go to sleep thinking of what went right.
11. The odd glass of red to help sleep at the hotel also has its benefits.
12. There were some people who got far less sleep, however.
13. When worn at night, it gathered sleep data and sent it to an app.
14. It was like watching somebody be put to sleep, if you will.
15. Many drivers cannot go home between shifts and may sleep in their cars in between shifts.

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