[Example Sentences]:
1. The sharp decline in sales marks a big change from robust earlier years.
2. All of this contributed to a sharp political split in the presidential election.
3. The most visible sign of the economic fear has been the sharp fall in the stock market.
4. At one point, it approached a sharp curve while still toward the center of the street.
5. The contrast with the situation a year ago is sharp, she said.
6. The players love to keep their skills sharp in the game.
7. Iraq has seen a sharp rise in violence in recent months.
8. When he was alive, he was an icon even though those who knew him saw the sharp elbows.
9. South Korean officials drew sharp criticism for their handling of the tragedy.
10. The result is generally a very sharp, very large image.
11. Just after midnight London time as the market indicated a sharp change in voter choice.
12. As sharp as those images look on a website, the physical watch is even more impressive in person.
13. A sharp rise in immigration that is changing culture and communities.
14. In this mode icons are larger still, but still just as sharp and clean as native resolution.
15. There has been a sharp debate in Washington over whether Iran has honored its commitments.


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