[Definition]: solemn, act in very earnest manner

[Example Sentences]:
1. I think they thought it was important to show they were very serious about this.
2. The problems are much more serious which will take a lot of effort to get resolved.
3. It even does all this without a serious change in size.
4. At that point it kind of hit me this is a serious natural disaster.
5. It is a clear indication that the company is serious about its devices and services vision.
6. We wanted to have a serious attempt to bring in some other information.
7. They have to do it more than once to show they are serious, she said.
8. He said the most serious problem with the United States is that it believes it is exceptional.
9. There have also been no serious damage reports from any other areas.
10. He entered the family business and got more serious about his life.
11. We want them to come back with a serious proposal on that.
12. This is a pretty serious vulnerability that has been public for at least one week.
13. You can help make that attack less serious by following sound online security practices.
14. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue.
15. That could be a serious threat to the country going forward.

[Antonyms]silly, trivial, funny

[Synonyms]sober, earnest, momentous © 2020  Terms of Use | Home