[Example Sentences]:
1. He said he had not seen his son since he moved to Oregon with her in 2013.
2. Since early Friday it has dropped to levels last seen in 1985.
3. The highest number of sharks seen at one time was 10.
4. An interesting idea whose wider potential may be seen in 2014.
5. Privacy policies are going to have to seen as core strategic documents in 2014.
6. For some of the profitable businesses, market valuations have reached the levels seen in 2000.
7. They were last seen in the 1920s.
8. South Sudan has seen continuous fighting since its civil war broke out in December 2013.
9. This year has seen the tablet explode, fueled by the appearance of many models running Windows 8.
10. Google logo is seen on a wall at the entrance of the Google offices in Brussels on February 5,2014.
11. The man was seen leaving in a light gray car with no license plate, possibly a Chrysler 200.
12. Talks will open with Paris widely seen as favorite for 2024.
13. LinkedIn has seen its fortunes soar since launching its IPO in May of 2011.
14. These effects can be seen in a recently released Hubble picture of spiral galaxy NGC 428.
15. Four people were dead, and the shooter was gone, last seen walking toward Interstate 5.

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